Optimizing Mitochondriawith Jeffrey Gladden, MD, FACC


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What you'll learn from this expert talk:

  • NMN molecule
  • Ozone sauna for energy
  • Feeling 35 when you’re 65

Guest Expert

Jeffrey Gladden, MD, FACC

Dr. Jeffrey Gladden graduated from Temple University School of Medicine with honors. In 1988, he went into private practice in Dallas, Texas, and in 1996 formed his own cardiology group, Advanced Heart Care. He has devoted his energy and attention to developing Apex HHPLO, a cutting-edge concierge medical practice. Apex is a transformative program that sources the best and most actionable emerging technologies and merges them with more widely known approaches to help answer Apex’s empowering question, “How Good can You Be?” Utilizing this approach has enabled Dr. Gladden and Apex HHPLO participants to turn back the functional clock, optimize their health, and recapture levels of performance previously thought to be lost. It has set the stage to change the trajectory of aging by optimizing health and enabling a robust life that extends decades beyond the norm.

At the age of 65, his body performs at the level it did in his 30s. His passion is to optimize current-day performance -- mentally and physically, in addition to emotionally and spiritually -- and utilize that as a base for a trajectory of longevity, while utilizing new advances as they emerge.

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