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Day 1: April 5, 2021

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  • Jay Davidson, DC, PScD

    Jay Davidson, DC, PScD

    Clinical Breakthroughs


    What You'll Learn

    • Mapping out your protocol
    • Role of mitochondria 
    • Impact of radioactive elements

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  • Niki Gratrix, BA, Dip ION, NANP

    Niki Gratrix, BA, Dip ION, NANP

    Switch Off the Cell Danger Response


    What You'll Learn

    • Vagus nerve stimulation
    • ATP vs. immune-focused function
    • “Freeze” stress response and mitochondria

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  • Jaban Moore, DC

    Jaban Moore, DC

    Starting Your Protocol


    What You'll Learn

    • Setting your protocol pace
    • Navigating Lyme, parasites and toxicity
    • Understanding PANS

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  • Misty Williams

    Misty Williams

    A Patient's Perspective on Energy


    What You'll Learn

    • Misty shares her experiences
    • Importance of having labs BEFORE getting sick
    • Overcoming the “I can do everything” mindset

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  • Sam Shay, DC, IFMCP

    Sam Shay, DC, IFMCP

    Functional Testing for Mitochondria


    What You'll Learn

    • Lab markers for mitochondrial health 
    • Understanding patterns on testing 
    • Why creatinine levels can vary

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Day 2: April 6, 2021

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  • Todd Watts, DC, PScD

    Todd Watts, DC, PScD

    Mitochondrial Solutions


    What You'll Learn

    • Importance of oxygen
    • Impact of radioactive elements
    • Overcoming chronic fatigue

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  • Bridgit Danner, LAc, FDNP

    Bridgit Danner, LAc, FDNP

    Toxic Mold and Your Mitochondria


    What You'll Learn

    • Home testing for mold
    • Choosing the best supplements
    • Top 2 essential oils

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  • Jonathan Landsman

    Jonathan Landsman

    Biggest Cellular Energy Mistake


    What You'll Learn

    • Myth surrounding exercise
    • Urgent warning
    • Diet tips to optimize energy

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  • Elena Villanueva, DC

    Elena Villanueva, DC

    Understanding Your Genes for Mitochondria


    What You'll Learn

    • Top hindrance for mitochondria
    • Importance of methylation
    • Genes that impact your mitochondria

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  • Ken Sharlin, MD, MPH, IFMCP

    Ken Sharlin, MD, MPH, IFMCP

    Role of Mitochondria in Alzheimer's Disease


    What You'll Learn

    • Treatment approach to optimize brain health
    • Amyloid beta's role in Alzheimer's disease
    • Favorite supplements

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Day 3: April 7, 2021

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  • Ari Whitten, PhD (Cand.), CES, PES

    Ari Whitten, PhD (Cand.), CES, PES

    New Model of Fatigue and Human Energy


    What You'll Learn

    • Adrenal fatigue does not exist
    • Role of mitochondria in energy production 
    • Strongest antioxidant for your mitochondria

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  • Timothy Griswold, PSMN

    Timothy Griswold, PSMN

    Quantum Mechanics of Mitochondria


    What You'll Learn

    • What is energy?
    • Understanding the electron transport chain
    • Importance of the atomic level

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  • Michelle Sands, ND

    Michelle Sands, ND

    Hormone-Mitochondrial Connection


    What You'll Learn

    • Sex hormones and mitochondria
    • Why glandular hormones may not work
    • Best labs for accurate testing

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  • Jeffrey Gladden, MD, FACC

    Jeffrey Gladden, MD, FACC

    Optimizing Mitochondria


    What You'll Learn

    • NMN molecule
    • Ozone sauna for energy
    • Feeling 35 when you’re 65

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Day 4: April 8, 2021

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  • Joseph Mercola, DO, FACN

    Joseph Mercola, DO, FACN

    Increase Your Energy


    What You'll Learn

    • Blood flow restriction exercise
    • Using a near-infrared sauna 
    • Benefits of hyperbaric oxygen chambers

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  • Randy Michaux, DC, PscD

    Randy Michaux, DC, PscD

    Sports, Mind and Mitochondria


    What You'll Learn

    • Supplement recommendations
    • Optimizing recovery
    • Unconditional love

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  • Nick Ellenson, DC, PScD

    Nick Ellenson, DC, PScD

    4 Easy Ways to Boost Your Mitochondria


    What You'll Learn

    • Activate hormesis
    • Role of toxins on our mitochondria
    • Adaptation is key for food

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  • Thaddeus Gala, DC

    Thaddeus Gala, DC

    Maximize Muscle Performance


    What You'll Learn

    • Tactical recommendations
    • Practicing mindfulness
    • Asking “why” 7 times

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  • Tyna Moore, ND, DC

    Tyna Moore, ND, DC

    Training Your Mitochondria


    What You'll Learn

    • Easiest way to increase your mitochondria
    • Importance of strength for longevity
    • Types of exercise to avoid

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Day 5: April 9, 2021

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  • Don Huber, PhD

    Don Huber, PhD

    Glyphosate Research


    What You'll Learn

    • Best ways to remove glyphosate 
    • Impact on 291 enzymes
    • Top food that degrades glyphosate

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  • Terry Wahls, MD

    Terry Wahls, MD

    Reversing Neurodegeneration with Diet and Lifestyle


    What You'll Learn

    • Correct amount of protein
    • Why your WHY is important
    • Impact of fasting on the body

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  • Allan Lindsley, DC

    Allan Lindsley, DC

    Removing Deuterium and Heavy Water


    What You'll Learn

    • Why is grass-fed important? 
    • Mitochondria produce the best water
    • First defense against glyphosate

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  • Jason Prall

    Jason Prall

    Microbiota-Mitochondrial Communication


    What You'll Learn

    • Understanding how fruit fructose is processed 
    • How gut health impacts your mitochondria
    • Longevity vs. anti-aging

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  • John Dempster, ND, FAARFM, ABAAHP

    John Dempster, ND, FAARFM, ABAAHP

    Mitochondria and Your Gut


    What You'll Learn

    • Role of your microbiome 
    • Best lifestyle changes 
    • Impact of leaky gut

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  • Cynthia Thurlow, NP

    Cynthia Thurlow, NP

    Impact of Intermittent Fasting


    What You'll Learn

    • Is fasting good for women?
    • Cheat foods 
    • Best time of day to fast

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Day 6: April 10, 2021

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  • Nicolas Pineault

    Nicolas Pineault

    How EMFs Sap Your Mitochondrial Energy


    What You'll Learn

    • Impact on your cells 
    • Strategies to reduce your exposure
    • Measuring your EMF levels

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  • Lloyd Burrell

    Lloyd Burrell

    5G Wireless and Mitochondria


    What You'll Learn

    • The dangerous 5G craze
    • Accumulation is key
    • Action steps to reduce exposure

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  • Matt DiDuro, DC

    Matt DiDuro, DC

    The Stem Cell Machine


    What You'll Learn

    • Stop inflammation instantly
    • Stem cell production without injections
    • Recharging mitochondria with technology

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  • William Pawluk, MD, MSC

    William Pawluk, MD, MSC

    Stimulation with Magnetic Fields


    What You'll Learn

    • What are pulsed electromagnetic fields? 
    • Generating, activating and recycling ATP 
    • PEMF vs. EMFs

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  • Kirk Gair, DC, IDE

    Kirk Gair, DC, IDE

    Low-Level Lasers for Mitochondrial Function


    What You'll Learn

    • Different types of lasers
    • Impact on ATP and glutathione 
    • Shocking case studies

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  • Robert Marking

    Robert Marking

    Russian Space Medicine


    What You'll Learn

    • Importance of adaptation
    • Mitochondrial testing with HRV
    • Finding your kryptonite

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Day 7: April 11, 2021

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  • Wendy Myers, FDN-P

    Wendy Myers, FDN-P

    Heavy Metals that Cause Fatigue


    What You'll Learn

    • Impact of arsenic on your mitochondria
    • Importance of minerals 
    • Cesium and heart palpitations

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  • Sayer Ji

    Sayer Ji

    Alternative Forms of Energy Production


    What You'll Learn

    • Censorship of G**gle
    • Lightning bolt of energy per mitochondria
    • Radioactive elements

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  • Daniel Nuzum, NMD, DO

    Daniel Nuzum, NMD, DO

    Mitochondria: The Symbiotic Bugs Within Us


    What You'll Learn

    • Heavy metals in food
    • Dangers of antibiotics
    • Key supplement to balance nutrients

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  • Marcelle Pick, OB-GYN, NP

    Marcelle Pick, OB-GYN, NP

    Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Increased Stress


    What You'll Learn

    • Impact of childhood stress
    • Stress-induced thyroid dysfunction
    • Allow time for worrying

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  • Eva Detko, PhD, MSc, BA (Hons), mIAHT

    Eva Detko, PhD, MSc, BA (Hons), mIAHT

    Psychological Stress and Mitochondrial Function


    What You'll Learn

    • Varying types of emotional toxicity
    • Recommended at-home listening device
    • Importance of healing trauma

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